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Horse Training

Need help training your horse? Many don't have the time or knowledge to get our horses to where we want them to be. At Equivalent Exchange, we can help you and your horse reach your goals. There are many options for horse training. You can bring your horse to us or we can come to you. Call or email us today to start your training plan! Pricing will vary based on training goals. Every horse will learn at their own pace. See document below for details & pricing. 

Some of your training goals may be:

  • Basic ground manners 

  • Advanced ground manners/liberty work 

  • Lunging 

  • Starting under saddle

  • Starting over fences 

  • Regular exercise 

  • Riding bit-less

  • Riding bridle-less

  • Riding bareback 

  • Desensitizing 

  • Obstacles 

  • Confidence building 

  • Tricks 

  • Trail Riding 

  • Everything in between!

Email us at or call our trainer, Emily Peck, at 804-832-2186 to start reaching your training goals!




Liberty Training

Bridle-Less Riding

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